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Truck Accidents Linked to Poor Vehicle Maintenance: Determining Fault

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01/09/2014 // 1-800-Car-Wreck // Amy Witherite // (press release)
Motor vehicle accidents of all types devastate the lives of people throughout the U.S. everyday.

2012 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview

In 2012, 33,561 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States.

For more information about 2012 motor vehicle crashes, please visit http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/Pubs/811856.pdf

Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading killer of children, teens, and young adults (ages 5 to 34) and among the top ten causes of death for all ages.

For more information about motor vehicles crashes, please visit http://www.cdc.gov/Motorvehiclesafety/statecosts/tx.html

Truck accidents are among the most devastating types of motor vehicle accidents that commonly occur on Texas roadways. A number of factors can contribute to a truck accident, but many are linked to negligence or misconduct on the part of truck drivers and trucking companies. Poor vehicle maintenance is one issue that contributes to numerous preventable Texas truck accidents each year.

When truck accidents occur that are linked to poor vehicle maintenance, many injured accident victims expect that a driver or trucking company will immediately do the right thing and admit to fault. This however, is rarely the case, and those who have valid claims for personal injury compensation are often forced into a battle they cannot win on their own. An investigation is normally needed to prove that poor vehicle maintenance was a factor in a truck accident, and injured accident victims normally lack the resources to see that this is done.

A call to a semi truck accident lawyer is often one of the most important calls injured truck accident victims can make, especially in cases where trucking companies refuse to admit their wrongdoing. Attorneys who specialize in these types of cases can help ensure that necessary investigations are conducted to support a legal claim.

The Dallas truck accident lawyers of 1800 CAR WRECK are available to help those who have been involved in a truck wreck caused by the negligence or misconduct of a truck driver or the company they work for. Individuals can contact the law firm of Eberstein & Witherite by calling 1800 CAR WRECK today and request a free case evaluation.

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