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Texas Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers: NTSB to Set New Regulations for Safety

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07/25/2011 // Dallas, TX, USA // 1-800-Car-Wreck // Dallas Accident Attorneys // (press release)
Dallas, TX (Dallas Accident Attorney News) Looking back at June of 2009, Texas semi-truck accident lawyers remember the twelve vehicles that were stopped dead in the road on an while a small accident was being attended to. It was a regular accident with no fatalities. At that point, a forty thousand pound tractor-trailer came barreling toward the scene going almost seventy miles per hour. Instead of slowing and stopping, the truck smashed through the stopped vehicles, dragging cars underneath it until finally stopping say Texas semi-truck accident lawyers.

A total of 10 people died on that day in Oklahoma. The driver of the tractor-trailer was a 76-year-old man who had been driving over ten hours. The man was functioning on only 5 hours of sleep. This type of accident is more common than many truck drivers would like to admit reports the Texas semi-truck accident lawyers at 1800-Car-Wreck.

The crash that occurred in Oklahoma that day has brought attention to The National Transportation Safety Board concerning safety procedures for tractor-trailer drivers. Although the statistics show that truck accident fatalities are decreasing, measures still need to be taken to prevent any unnecessary accidents such as the prior explains Texas semi-truck accident lawyers.

The Obama administration and the NTSB have proposed tougher regulations for truck drivers all over. One proposal is even focusing on installing a device in every truck and bus that will register how many hours the driver has been behind the wheel confirms Texas semi-truck accident lawyers. It is also important that the amount of hours a driver may spend on the road is limited. The administration is working on reducing the amount of time spent driving from eleven hours to ten. Other measures such as required rest breaks, work day limits and weekly limits are being suggested.

Texas semi-truck accident lawyers believe that these steps are well needed measures to insure safety for all drivers. If involved in a truck accident, contact the Dallas Accident Attorneys at 1800-Car-Wreck today.

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