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Taking the Bull by the Horns…A Story about an Unimagined Opportunity!

During a weekend trial prep day, my daughter may have just realized her calling to become a future lawyer.

Eberstein & Witherite, LLP has always been an incredibly family oriented personal injury law firm. One weekend when I needed to come into the office to prepare for a trial, I brought my daughter Leila with me. She packed things to entertain herself with but soon she became more interested in my work than anything else. She started asking questions as to how the litigation process worked and how trial worked. Her little seven year old brain started whirling with questions about what working at a law firm would be like and what being a lawyer would be like.

Soon enough, it was suggested to have her be part of the “jury” and she was given a pen and paper for questions and comments. Leila was delivered the opening statement just like it would be given in the courtroom and was asked for her feedback. She was beaming; this was right up her alley! The rest of the day she couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it is to work at Eberstein & Witherite and how she wants to work here when she grows up. Suddenly she wanted to know more about what my job entails; how I talk to the clients and help them, how I write petitions to start a lawsuit and answer discovery with the clients. Then, she wanted to know what a lawyer’s job entails; what meetings they conduct with our clients, and how they help our clients every day. I was very quickly informed that a lawyer dressing up and going to a courthouse, talking all day, and having the opportunity to explain someone’s story was much more interesting of a job than mine. Leila still talks about how much she enjoyed being a part of the experience and how much she would love to be a lawyer when she grows up.


About the author: Larissa Flake is a litigation paralegal who has worked for Eberstein & Witherite, LLP for four years. She has two kids, Jaxon and Leila, who give her a new perspective and wonder on life every day.

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