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Eberstein & Witherite on Sharing the Road for a Safer Commute

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02/19/2014 // 1-800-Car-Wreck (Press Release) // Amy Witherite // (press release)
Defensive driving is a term people in Texas most frequently ascribe to the training course option available for those in the state who have received a traffic citation. However, it is more importantly a practice drivers should engage in to reduce problems on the road. As defined by Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations, ANSI/ASSE Z15.1, defensive driving is “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” Unfortunately, too many people refuse to drive defensively, which leads to many Texas road accidents each year.

Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Highlights Calendar Year 2012

“There were 63,610 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2012 with 87,087 people sustaining a serious injury.”

For more Texas motor vehicle traffic crash highlights, please visit http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/trf/crash_statistics/2012/01_2012.pdf.

Safe driving advocates like Attorney Nicole Collier of the Fort Worth injury law firm of Eberstein & Witherite, who is also a Texas State Representative, have placed high value on initiatives aimed at reducing traffic accidents in the communities they serve.

Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety

“It’s important to remember that crashes are preventable. Using effective programs and policies, we can reduce the number of injuries and deaths and their costs.”

For more information about motor vehicle safety, please visit http://www.cdc.gov/Motorvehiclesafety/statecosts/tx.html.

One common theme among many supported causes is encouraging drivers to share the road, as opposed to feeling the need to exert certain measures of power or control. Being courteous of other drivers can take on many forms including, always remembering to signal when turning or switching lanes, driving a safe following distance behind other vehicles without tailgating, and not allowing distractions such as cell phones to take one’s focus off of the road. By more drivers being cognizant of their surroundings and practicing safe driving techniques, the number of Texas road accidents that occur each year can be significantly reduced.

For those who become involved in a traffic accident caused by another’s negligence or misconduct, legal help is available for pursuing compensation for damages. The law firm of Eberstein & Witherite can provide Dallas car wreck victims with a free case evaluation today. Individuals can call 1800 CAR WRECK at any time to discuss their legal options with a member of the firm.

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