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A relaxing pedicure gone wrong. One man’s story of a life changed forever!

Darrell is the son of one of our Eberstein & Witherite employees, Mr. Willie Rhynes. He was born in the city, but always wanted to live as a country boy. He has a ranch in Red Oak, Texas, where he loves to tend to his horse, Mikey, and build pens for his goats. He also enjoys fishing, swimming, carpentry, traveling, cooking and always had a lot of energy for his daily activities.

On September 27, 2013, our client, Darrell Halton, went in for a routine pedicure at a local nail salon. He always made sure to get pedicures because of his diabetes. His doctor always stressed the importance of keeping clean and healthy feet. On this day he went to Tanning & Nails # 1 in Desoto, TX. The technician sat him down in a big massage chair, mixed the chemicals, and placed his feet in the tub.

After midnight, Darrell complained that his feet were hurting. His wife told him to remove his shoes so she could see what was bothering him, but he struggled to get his shoes off. After the two finally got his shoes off, they noticed his socks were soaking wet. Darrell tried carefully taking his socks off, but noticed his skin was peeling away with the sock. They immediately went to the hospital to have a medical professional check it out. This is when Darrell found out his condition was so dire that he required hospitalization and was admitted to UT Southwestern Hospital for 3rd degree burns on his feet.

The Case of a Pedicure Nightmare 2

In order to treat Darrell, Dr. Arnoldo, from the Burn Unit at UT Southwestern Hospital, had to do a skin graft from his Right upper thigh.

The Case of a Pedicure Nightmare 3

During this time, Darrell was unemployed and helpless. He was very depressed and almost never got out of bed. He felt very useless in life. The simplest everyday activities became a challenge for Darrell and soon he wondered what he could have been doing if this incident had never occurred. Due to the pedicure that forever changed his life, he currently walks with a limp and has slowed down a lot.

Although Eberstein & Witherite is a personal injury law firm, we haven’t tried very many nail salon cases in the past, but we had enough confidence in our attorneys and staff to endure the challenge. After 2 ½ years, the Pedicure case went to trial and Darrell was awarded $425,000.00.

In my opinion, Mr. Halton would recommend his friends and family to Eberstein & Witherite, LLP because we worked tremendously hard as a team on a personal injury that we were unfamiliar with. We learned lots of new information about nail salons and fought to prove Darrell’s injuries were a result of a negligent employee at the nail salon.

Although I have worked at Eberstein & Witherite for the past 3 years with several hundred clients, this case has personally impacted my life the most. My Brother is 34 years old, also diabetic, and legally blind due to this awful disease. He has suffered the majority of his life with the disease that is also known as the “Silent Killer”.
About the Author: Regina Jones is a Legal Assistant at Eberstein & Witherite, LLP. She started working in the copy room of the law firm and has worked her way up to her current position, including a seat on the training committee. Regina was born and raised in Texas and enjoys coaching her daughter’s little league cheer squad in her free time and cheering loudly for her son at his football games from the sidelines.

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