My name Is Olynthia P, I just wanted to let you know that Your employee Ms. Jan is so awesome, riding with such a person lifted my spirit. she goes out her way to make sure that I am ok. On the day of my injection, when I was on my way there she said – “I know you haven’t had breakfast but when you finish we can stop somewhere and pick you up something if you like” so when I finish she stopped at What-a-burger to make sure I got something to eat, and then on the way home because I was in so much pain without me asking for any of this she took my prescription to the Walgreen and was willing to wait on it for me. I tried to give her a $10.00 tip for all that she was doing but she refuse to take it and told me that she is ok, that she gets paid well for her job.  she even got out the car when she got me home and helped me to the door. I really like her and just wanted you to know that she goes above and beyond to help me and I really appreciated it. Ms. Danette Morgan is also one who goes out here way to make sure I get more than I would have imagined. she always return my calls and she keep me updated on what is going on, I do not have to call her because if there is something new she will call and leave a message, I also like her spirit she is very friendly and she make me smile when I am having a down day. thanks for the chance to meet some people that really do care about their clients and it is not all about getting paid, they want the best for me. I thank your company for everything that you have done and the this that are yet to come. I will tell everyone if they need a caring law firm they need to call you.
Olynthia P

We just wanted to say thank you for working so hard on our case. Everyone at Eberstein & Witherite was very professional and definitely exceeded our expectations.Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

Chrystal & Justin

I was recommended to Eberstein Witherite after listening to the radio. They sent me to therapy and a doctor. They called and checked in on me to see how my treatments were going.

Lorenzo A

Shelly Greco is an outstanding attorney and individual. Shelly first and foremost showed she cared about me by being instrumental in facilitating getting the help I needed to recovery from my injuries.


I want to thank Eberstein and Witherite and all of their associates and employees because they have been so wonderful to me.


I went through this with my wife too and I felt like she was being attacked by the insurance company. I called Eberstein & Witherite and they fought hard for her. I’m glad we called them!