Catastrophic injuries are not wounds that patients can quickly recover from. These are typically life-threatening injuries that can result from a number of causes including motor vehicle accidents. When one sustains a brain, spinal cord, or burn injury, their road to recovery is typically filled with many challenges that take their toll. The strain is often felt by victims as well as their loved ones. In addition to related physical complications, the emotional and financial suffering that frequently accompanies a catastrophic injury is hard to overcome.

The Eberstein & Witherite law firm helps those who have been injured in a catastrophic accident in Texas, or whose loved ones have died as a result of such a traumatic event, understand their legal options in these matters. It is important, particularly in cases where negligence or wrongdoing led to the accident, that victims know what their rights to getting legal recovery are. Such knowledge can help ensure that those struggling with related medical debt and other damages receive the compensation they are entitled to. Individuals who have been affected by a catastrophic injury in Texas, and need help can contact the law firm of Eberstein & Witherite today for a free case review.

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