Car accident settlements – Car accident settlements are monetary sums provided to injured accident victims, often negotiated by a personal injury attorney on behalf of their clients.

Auto wreck – An auto wreck is an accident involving an automobile. This may occur between more than one vehicle, or between a vehicle and pedestrian, or a vehicle and another object.

Car accident advice – Car accident advice may be a recommendation or guidance on what to do in the event of an automobile accident.

Car accident claim – A car accident claim is a formal filing with an insurance company requesting payment or compensation for damages incurred as a result of an auto accident.

Car accident deaths – Car accident deaths are those directly caused by or resulting from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Car accident injury – A car accident injury is an injury sustained from a vehicle accident, and may range from mild to severe.

Car accident laws – Car accident laws are state or federal regulations pertaining to car accidents and related compensation entitlements.

Car accident lawsuit – A car accident lawsuit is a course of legal action taken by accident victims seeking damages against another party for an accident claim.

Car accident lawyer – A car accident lawyer is a legal expert who provides representation for people injured or involved in car accidents.

Car accident attorney – A car accident attorney is a legal expert who advocates on behalf of people involved in car accidents.