Darrell H
- Client with diabetic neuropathy was severely burned by hot water at a pedicure salon. Suffered third degree burns and required a skin graft. Salon had multiple inspection violations and refused to admit any wrongdoing.
Total amount to client: $158,711.70
Theodore D
- Client was T-Boned by truck when proceeding through an intersection with a green light. The truck ran a red light. Theodore required a neck fusion surgery due to the wreck.
Total amount to client: $144,221.40
Donald R
- Client was sideswiped by an 18-wheeler on the highway. Donald required shoulder surgery as a result of the truck wreck. The driver of the 18-wheeler refused to take responsibility for hitting our client. Settled for $25,000.00 more than mediator’s proposal after aggressive litigation tactics.
Total amount to client: $44,153.16
James R
- Client was rear ended by defandant who admitted to being distracted while driving. James required multiple injections in his lower back because of the wreck and wasn’t able to sit or stand for long periods of time. Allstate offered $16,000.00 before trial. Trial Verdict $146,648.22
Total amount to client: $55,240.64
Major S
- Major was traveling on the on-ramp when a truck swerved into his lane from the shoulder. Client hit the truck and was then rear ended by the defendant. The truck settled for policy limits. The defendant refused to offer any money. Client’s insurance refused to pay without a liability determination. Jury in Collin County found the truck 100% at fault and awarded $10,000 over our client’s medical bills. Client’s insurance company then settled for policy limits. Trial Verdict $49,071.50.
Total amount to client: $20,801.04
Robert W & Christina B
- Robert and Christina were rear ended by Defendant 1 and then Defendant 2 rear ended Defendant 1 pushing Defendant 1 into our clients again. Defendant 1 settled for policy limits. Defendant 2 refused to take responsibility. Client’s insurance company refused to settle without a liability determination. A jury found Defendant 1 100% responsible. Client’s insurance company then settled for policy limits.
Total amount to client: $22,003.28
Taneitha C
- Defendant made an unsafe left turn in front of client causing the collision. Client broke her wrist and required surgery to repair it. Immediate settlement for policy limits.
Total amount to client: $133,747.21
Augustine N
- Client was volunteering for a nonprofit and loading a trailer. The nonprofit employee backed into client’s leg, pinning him to the wall. The wreck broke his knee, requiring surgery and weeks of bedrest. Initial offers were low, so we proceeded to pre-litigation mediation.
Total amount to client: $73,044.59
Rodrick S
- Rodrick was t-boned at intersection when defendant ran red light. Defendant lied and said Roderick ran red light. Initial offer from insurance company was $65,000 and carrier said they’d never pay a dollar more. Case settled for $137,500.00 at mediation.
Total amount to client: $ 49,918.92
Cheryl W
- Client was passenger of a yellow cab and cab driver rear-ended another vehicle. Client had $33,000 in medical bills. Case settled for $75,000.
Total amount to client: $31,088.29
Curtis B
- Defendant pulled out in front of Curtis, causing client to T-bone the defendant. Curtis ended up with neck and low-back herniations requiring injections. Medical bills were $50,000. Settled for $120,000.
Total amount to client: $ 59,509.45
Glen P
- Glen was hit by a drunk driver. Had $25,000 in medical bills (hospital and physical therapy). Settled for $90,000.
Total amount to client: $ 46,741.00
Joe G
- Joe was driving a motorcycle, passing a tractor on a FM road, when the tractor turned left, causing Joe to strike the tractor’s tire. Joe passed away due to his injuries. Case settled for $1,000.000 at mediation. Client’s family will receive over $450,000 from the settlement
Edgar R
- Edgar was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer driver who was paying attention to his cell phone instead of the traffic in front of him. Edgar had $73,000 in medical bills, including an arthroscopic surgery on his knee. Case settled for $185,000.
Total amount to client: $48,935.42
Cheryl H
- Cheryl was traveling in the middle lane when defendant ran a light and collided with Cheryl. Cheryl required an arthroscopic knee surgery and was told she would need a knee replacement in the future. Cheryl had $150,000 in medical bills. Case settled for $400,000.
Total amount to client: $178,446.78.
Carol C
- Defendant ran a stop sign and collided with Carol. Originally the defendant denied liability, but then paid the $30K policy after we filed suit. Carol had a lumbar surgery and incurred $127.000 in medical bills. Her UIM carrier refused to make an offer because she had pre-existing conditions. Case settled for $185,000 at mediation.
Total amount to client: $108,506.54
Deion S
- The penthouse pool flooded Deion’s condo which caused approximately $88K in damage. Settled for $150K at mediation.
Total amount to client: $80,460.50
Laura C
- Concrete truck failed to stop behind Laura when she stopped for traffic on 820 and rear-ended her. Caused back herniations leading to injections. $78,000 in medical bills. Settled for $225,000.
Total amount to client: $96,517.14
Ramon I
- Ramon was driving a tractor-trailer when a car, traveling at a high rate of speed rear-ended him. Ramon ended up having a lumbar fusion. Medical bills totaled $515,000. Ramon’s insurance company (through his company) fought hard and argued that Ramon was not injured in this wreck. We eventually settled right before trial for $900,000.
Total amount to client: $209,012.63
Pam H
- Unknown as to how much Pam will receive as the settlement is awaiting a ruling from the bankruptcy court. Pam was rear-ended while heading home from work. Property damage was approximately $1600. Pam had a back fusion, then a spinal-cord stimulator implanted in her lumbar area. Defense denied that the wreck was big enough to cause all of the harm that Pam alleged. Medical bills were a little over $242,000 and Pam had a loss of earnings between $320K - $400K. Jury awarded $3.7 million at trial for the harms and losses Pam and her husband Elliott suffered.
Don F
- With ice on the road and sleet coming down, the Defendant truck driver changed lanes when unsafe into Don’s lane while he was on his way to work. The Defendant contended Don changed lanes into him. At 63, Don had several pre-existing medical conditions and $72,966.77 in medical bills, which included a shoulder surgery.
Total amount to client: $128,684.43.
Shirley B
- Shirley was knocked off the road into a ditch by a yellow cab driver who fled the scene and denied being in the wreck, but his GPS data showed otherwise. Shirley suffered from memory problems and back and neck injuries from the wreck. She had $99,000 in medical expenses.
Total amount to client: $168,612.51
James E
- Rear end collision at a stop sign. James had $37,744.57 in medical bills and a recommended surgery on his neck.
Total amount to client: $119,420.75.
Felicia J
- Intersection collision where the Defendant ran a stop light and claimed our client had the last clear chance to avoid the collision. Felicia's medical bills totalled $83,715.00.
Total amount to client: $108,618.00
Jerry J
- Jerry was a passenger in his father-in-law's truck when they were rear-ended by a landscaping pickup truck and trailer. The property damage did not look all that severe; however, Jerry had back surgery and will likely need neck surgery. Jerry also suffered intervening injuries from another incident.
Total amount to client: $449,207.04
Lisa G
- Lisa was involved in 2 wrecks within a year. This is the settlement of her second case wherein she was hit by an 18-wheeler on Hwy 75.
Total amount to client: $462,803.59
Makibra W
- This was a highway wreck where an 18-wheeler changed lanes right into Makibra's car. Makibra had $264,961.00 in medical bills.
Total amount to client: $229,443.12
Victoria D
- A 73 year old female rear-ended by a box truck at a stop light. Victoria was the driver and her 85 year old passenger had no injuries. Defendants tried to put some blame on Victoria for stopping short. She had $33,961.00 in medical bills and a recommended back surgery that she would only get as a last resort. Victoria preferred non-traditional medicine to help control her pain.
Total amount to client: $145,931.77
Anastasia K
- Anastasia was in an older pickup truck when a Yellow Cab driver rear-ended the car behind her pushing it in to Anastasia who was stopped at a light around 2:00 am. There was no police report and no ambulance transported her from the scene. Anastasia had $25,000.00 in medical expenses along with a long history of numerous back and neck injuries due to breaking horses. She saw multiple chiropractors both before and after the wreck. Anastasia used her trial verdict to pay for Texas A&M Vet school and now works as a Veterinarian. The verdict was $162,019.36.
Total amount to client: $60,000.00
Robin H
- Robin was rear-ended on the highway by a truck driver talking on his phone. She had $132,764 in medical bills and has recovered from her injuries.
Total amount to client: $181,373.20
Reca L
- Reca was rear-ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of her while stopped for a train crossing.
Total amount to client: $44,807.58
Rowena B
- The Defendant insurance company, United Auto, only had a $20,000 policy. Client had $15,000 in medical bills and $3,300 in property damage. Rowena was rear-ended at a stop sign and pushed into the car in front of her. The Defendant claimed Rowena was not pushed into the car in front of her, but the driver of that car testified at trial that she was. Rowena obtained a trial verdict of $43,609.82.
Total amount to client: $19,776.19
Ronald S
- Defendant driver ran a stop sign hitting Ronald's car hard enough to roll it on its side. Ronald had $43,237.46 in medical bills. Allstate only offered $10,500.00 before trial. The jury compensated Ronald with $128,253.98.
Total amount to client: $41,899.50
Tracy B
- Tracy was hit by a box truck that failed to maintain its speed and carelessly changed lanes when traffic came to a stop in front of him. The defendant hit Tracy who was traveling in the HOV lane and pushed her into the center median. Tracy obtained a trial verdict of $1,038,434.45.
Marylin M
- Defendant driver pulled out in front of Marilyn. Defendant claimed Marilyn must not have had her headlights on. The last written offer from the Defendant was for $25,000.00, although the Defendant had a $50,000.00 policy. The jury verdict was $230,763.52. We negotiated $170,000.00 settlement with defendant post judgment.
Total amount to client: $113,035.47
Tonia F
- The Defendant had a $100,000.00 policy. Tonia was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit on the driver's-side rear quarter panel where the defendant claimed he had to swerve to avoid another vehicle. Property damage was not much, and there was no police report or ambulance transfer. Tonia ended up getting back surgery and needing neck surgery as well. The trial resulted in a $292,500.00 verdict. This case is currently on appeal with the Supreme Court after the Dallas Court of Appeal upheld the $292,500.00 jury verdict
Jennifer B
- Jennifer only had $12,548.68 in medical bills. The Collin County Jury awarded Jennifer $50,000.00 in future medical expenses and $55,000.00 in past pain and suffering. Jennifer ended up with $37,334.21
Total amount to client: $37,334.21
Debbie J
- Debbie was rear-ended on the highway during rush hour traffic. She needed back surgery. She had $120,000.00 in medical bills.
Total amount to client: $110,050.65
Shawn G
- Shawn was hit by a dump truck backing up in front of her when she started to leave a stop sign. Defendant blamed her for the wreck. Shawn had $254,000.00 in medical bills.
Total amount to client: $103,070.72
William S
- William was killed instantly in a head-on collision by a man driving a plumbing pick-up truck while high on Methamphetamine. His widow recovered $1,788,731.90
Total amount to client: $1,788,731.90
Berta E
- Berta was rear-ended on the highway. Berta had 3 back surgeries before this wreck. Amount due to client: $260,386.21
Total amount to client: $260,386.21
Malikha H
- The defendant was driving an 18-wheeler and changed lanes into Malikha's car. The Defendant claimed Malikha was in his blind spot, even though he had multiple mirrors including one on the front right wheel well. Malikha had a number of prior wrecks and injuries.
Total amount to client: $438,341.23
Shirley C
- Tow truck driver turned in front of Shirley’s vehicle at an intersection. Shirley required a low back surgery with a fusion. Shirley had $401,036.24 in medical bills.
Total amount to client: $253,833.18
Carl G
- An 18-wheeler hit Carl from behind and knocked him off the highway.
Total amount to client: $288.690.25
Amber M
- Multiple car and multiple 18-wheeler wreck where defendant swerved, over corrected, and ran our clients off the road. 2nd 18-wheeler involved in the collision failed to stop and collided with the defendant’s trailer which hit our clients and caused them to roll. Amber had $460,000.00 in medical bills, including a neck surgery. 2 different focus groups put 80%-100% fault on the defendant who had only $50,000.00 in coverage. Despite these potential bad facts, total amount due to client: $139,181.99
Total amount to client: $139,181.99
Ziporrah D
- Multiple vehicle collision. The defendant drove an 18-wheeler that rear-ended the car behind Zipporah, which pushed the car into Zipporah. Zipporah had a shoulder rotator cuff tear. Zipporah had a history of dislocating her shoulder while in the military, and had a recent dislocation just prior to wreck.
Total amount to client: $179,166.10