“Eberstein Witherite has represented clients whose civil rights have been violated for many years. It is tragic that our police, to whom we look for protection, are often the source of violations of civil rights so severe that people die. Many times these are young people as was the case with Tobias Mackey who was killed in Dallas by a Dallas Police officer. The assertion by the police officer that Tobias had a weapon was, of course, unfounded. In this particular case, the overwhelming evidence was that Tobias was actually trying to raise or “show” his hands as he we being commanded to do by the officer. The Eberstein Witherite trial team, led in this case by Susan Hutchison, was ultimately successful and the city of Dallas has settled this case with the family of Tobias Mackey. Not too long ago, Brian Eberstein and Susan Hutchison worked on a similarly tragic death in Ft. Worth where was young man was killed in his own front yard by a Ft. Worth police officer using a taser device. Senseless killings are the source of so much pain for the families involved. The pain that they feel should be felt by all of us as the violation of the constitutional right of any person is a violation for each of us and cannot be allowed to happen in our country,” reports Brian Eberstein, co-founder of 1800-Car-Wreck.

For more information on the case and recent conference to address alleged department misconduct, please read:http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Dallas-Police-Critics-Hold-Conference-to-Address-Alleged-Department-Misconduct-263912861.html