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No Matter Where You Begin…It’s the Heart that Guides You to Your Destiny!

Learning to help others along the way and finding your hidden passion behind it.

My family comes from a Mexican background. It was my father who has always been the breadwinner, my mother who since I can remember has always been a stay at home mom taking care of the children and making sure dinner was ready, my younger brother and myself. In my family our first language was Spanish so when I started school I began to lean the English language and was the first one in my family to speak English.

I remember my mother struggling to communicate with doctors or anyone who didn’t speak our language. I would see her struggle because of the language barrier. While growing up I would assist when she would go to the doctor for her follow ups and our checkups. At the age of 8, I remember helping her translate so that someone could assist us and we wouldn’t have to sit in the waiting area for hours before they had someone come in and figure out how to explain the procedures or diagnosis.

As I grew older it became easier and almost an instinct to help others. While at the grocery store, the bank, being anywhere whether it be doctor’s office, the laundry mat I remember I would get up and help anyone who I saw struggling to communicate or simply couldn’t explain to the representative why he/she was there and what they needed. 10 years later I found myself graduated and wanting to pursue a career, helping people, which drew me to becoming what I am now a Paralegal/Case Manager. I continue to enjoy helping others whether it’s in translating or assisting them with their case.

Growing up with parents who did not speak the English language was difficult but I was determined to do it my way and developed a passion in helping others and my family so that we could succeed. I, first hand understand the struggles of not knowing or feeling scared of being turned away because you are unable to explain or express your needs or concerns. I had the greatest opportunity to join Eberstein & Witherite about 10 years ago and there is not a day I wake up and regret my decision in joining this amazing team that enjoys what I love to do!


About the author: Diana Medrano-Moreno was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She enjoys spending time with her kids and family.

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