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Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers Say Fatigued Truck Drivers Place Everyone At Risk

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12/27/2013 // 1-800-Car-Wreck (Press Release) // Amy Witherite // (press release)
Being in operation of a commercial vehicle is a serious undertaking. Even for the most skilled drivers, it is important to remain alert and focused on the road for the duration of their trip when driving a large vehicle. Too many truck drivers; however, take on driving jobs that require extended hours of travel and fail to allow themselves enough rest time in trying to meet tight deadlines. Truck driver fatigue is a growing concern for many as the number of truck accident injuries and fatalities that occur in the US annually appear to be on the rise.

Fatigue in truck drivers is often linked to long hours on the road. According to some research studies, it is one of the most common causes of large truck crashes.

Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) Analysis Series: Using LTCCS Data for Statistical Analyses of Crash Risk

“Driver fatigue has been identified as an important crash cause. It is known that many drivers drive while fatigued…”

For more information about the large truck crash causation study, please visit http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/facts-research/research-technology/analysis/ltccs.htm#ISSUE2

In addition to the evidence to support fatigue being a risk factor for truck accidents, research also shows that a significant number of commercial vehicle drivers admit to making driving errors as a result of this issue.

Driver Fatigue

“A 2005 study suggests that three out of every four CMV drivers report having experienced at least one type of driving error as a result of drowsiness.”

For more information about driver fatigue, please visit http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/about/outreach/education/driverTips/Driver-fatigue.htm

The Dallas truck accident lawyers of 1800 CAR WRECK note the importance of truck drivers allowing themselves sufficient rest before getting behind the wheel. Also, it is important to recognize the signs early on when pulling over and taking a break is warranted, and avoid tricks to keep one alert that may provide a false sense of security such as drinking coffee and listening to the radio.

In the event that one has been injured in a Dallas truck accident caused by driver fatigue, contacting the 1800 CAR WRECK team may be an important next step for their recovery. The law firm of Eberstein & Witherite has helped numerous Texas truck accident victims obtain successful outcomes for their claims involving truck driver negligence. Individuals may contact the firm today by calling 1800 CAR WRECK for a free case evaluation

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