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Dallas Injury Accident Attorney: “Monstrous” Truck Accident Ends Celebration

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03/18/2011 // Dallas, TX, USA // 1-800-Car-Wreck // 1800-Car-Wreck // (press release)
Dallas, TX (Dallas Injury Accident News) What should have been a joyous St. Patrick’s Day celebration turned deadly when a woman was hit by what is being called a monster truck by Dallas Injury Accident Attorneys. Twenty-three year old Kasey McKenzie of Granbury was struck and killed by the vehicle in a nightclub parking lot at 2am on the evening of March 17.

Witnesses report that Kasey was walking through the lot when she stepped in front of the high-wheeled truck. The driver tells Dallas Injury Accident Lawyers that he never saw the woman, but at the same time Kasey stepped in front of the vehicle, he put the truck into gear and pulled forward. It was not until after the front two wheels of the truck had run over the young woman, killing her almost instantly, that the driver realized what had happened.

“Large vehicles, like the monster truck that killed Kasey McKenzie, pose threats to pedestrians and other drivers for multiple reasons,” state the Dallas Injury Accident Attorneys at 1800-Car-Wreck. Monster truck accidents can occur because the driver is seated so high they cannot clearly see people, animals, or at times small cars close to the front of their vehicle. Due to the sheer size of large and “monster” trucks, incidents involving these vehicles often cause substantial personal injuries or property damage.

The monster truck driver who killed Kasey McKenzie has been arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving with a suspended license report 1800-Car-Wreck’s Dallas Injury Accident Lawyers.

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