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Child Hot Car Deaths a Troubling Epidemic

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09/10/2014 // 1-800-Car-Wreck // Amy Witherite // (press release)
One of the most disturbing trends related to motor vehicle safety seen in 2014 has been the rising number of deaths of small children left in hot cars. According to the child car safety advocates of 1-800-CAR-WRECK, a reported 20 child hot car deaths have occurred this year, with the most recent case involving a child left in a parked vehicle in 97 degree outside temperatures in Utah. The family of the child attributed the incident to an error caused by a daily routine change.

Source: Inquisitr Report “Hot Car Child Deaths 2014: 20th Of Year As Devastated Mom Forgets Baby Due To ‘Change In Routine’”

“The unusual circumstances led mom April Suwyn to believe that she had put 11-month-old Skyah down for a nap when in fact the infant was stuck in the back of Suwyn’s car parked on the street on a day when the high temperature hit 97 degrees.”

To read further, visit http://www.inquisitr.com/1391986/hot-car-child-deaths-in-2014/.

The death of the 11-month-old child led some to speculate about whether criminal charges were warranted in the case. Following an investigation of the circumstances; however, prosecutors in the county where the family lived decided not to pursue a criminal case in relation to the tragedy.

Source: Associated Press Report “No charges in case of baby killed in hot car”

“In a statement released Wednesday, the Washington County Attorney said April Suwyn was an otherwise thoughtful, loving mother who was operating under a lack of sleep, changed routine and stress.”

To read further, visit http://legalnews.findlaw.com/article/e7f5655780b787fc5f13e6c580bef47e.

Statistics show that in the United States, nearly an estimated 40 child hot car deaths occur annually. According to the car accident injury lawyers of the Eberstein & Witherite law firm, in many of these cases, it is something trivial like a simple routine change that results in tragedy. Stress, fatigue, and unexpected changes in one’s routine day to day are a few common issues parents face that can increase the risk of such an event occurring. The attorneys note that it is important that parents and caregivers remain cognizant of what they are doing when transporting small children in vehicles. In the event of a routine change, making a habit of setting a mobile device alert or finding some way of giving oneself a reminder about what needs to be done for children in their care can be helpful for not forgetting if they have been left in a vehicle. Working to develop healthy stress responses, and getting sufficient rest whenever possible are also helpful in lessoning the risks of this type of error.

The 1-800-CAR-WRECK team has strongly advocated for child vehicle safety for years. In addition to promoting awareness initiatives to help ensure that more children are safe during day-to-day commuting, the firm also provides advocacy for those who have been injured in car accidents. When children are involved in such accidents, they are at a higher risk of sustaining a serious injury than adults, due to their small stature. They, like anyone may require intense medical treatment and support for recovery if involved in a serious accident.

The Eberstein & Witherite law firm is available for those who have questions about their legal options as a parent or guardian of a child who has been hurt in a car wreck. Individuals can call 1-800-CAR-WRECK today if they need help with a child car wreck injury case.

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