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What Do I Need To Do At the Hospital After a Car Wreck?

Following a car accident, it is critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if one does not feel they have sustained any significant injuries, it is possible that internal injuries are present and require immediate attention. The shock of a motor vehicle crash can delay when injury symptoms become noticeable to victims. Therefore, whether going by ambulance, or getting to the hospital on one’s own, it is important to get a medical examination immediately to determine whether any serious health threat is present.

When one is involved in a car crash that was caused by the negligence of someone else, it is common to question whether filing a claim for damage recovery necessary. Many victims of a car wreck are unsure of the next steps they need to take after the wreck, which will prove helpful for their case. According to Dallas personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite, “if you’ve been injured in a car or truck wreck, your first priority should be your health and well-being.”

Says Witherite “Some people base their decision to seek medical attention on whether they feel severe pain in the immediate aftermath of a car crash, which can hurt them in more ways than one.” The attorney asserts there is harm in waiting not only because it can affect an accident victim’s health outcome, but also because it can be used against them in a potential damage claim. Insurance companies often contend that the time frame some claimants wait to obtain a medical treatment means the claimant is not hurt.

The attorney also notes that if one does choose to pursue a personal injury claim, making sure they have documentation of all of their physical injuries is important. While at the hospital it is recommended that patients:

  • Read all paperwork provided and make sure they have a reasonable understanding of what they are signing
  • Voice concerns over any health changes following a car crash so that a thorough evaluation can be obtained
  • Ask questions about any procedure, treatment, or recommendation when they arise

After one has been properly evaluated medically, and obtained the correct diagnosis, the choice to pursue a claim for damages against those whose actions led to their injuries can be a difficult decision to make. For some, any legal matter can seem overwhelming to address at such as sensitive time; however, it is important to understand that those have been injured in a car accident do not have to deal with the aftermath alone. The car crash lawyers of Witherite Law Group are available to help anyone who has been injured in a Dallas car wreck with understanding what their legal options are in their unique case. Individuals who have questions about getting legal help for a Dallas car accident claim can call 1-800-CarWreck® to speak with someone directly today.