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Should I Hire a Car Wreck Lawyer?

The decision to enlist the support of a car accident lawyer following a Dallas traffic crash is not always an easy one to make. After being involved in a car accident that warrants filing a legal claim, many people fear that engaging in a court battle will be an overwhelming undertaking, especially while they are trying to focus on healing from any physical injuries incurred and emotional trauma that arises. However, it is important to recognize the necessity of hiring a car wreck lawyer if one is facing challenges with getting compensation for damages from those liable in their case.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to try to reject claims based on their own evaluation of evidence provided, even if it clearly indicates the person, they have insured is at fault for an accident. Those who do take any measure of responsibility initially try to lowball claimants by devaluing cases in an attempt to provide the lowest payout possible. In many cases, this doesn’t scratch the surface of covering all damages involved.

If you are facing the dilemma of determining whether hiring a car wreck attorney is the best option for you, the following considerations may be helpful for making your decision:

  • Have you sustained serious injuries and accumulated expensive medical bills?
  • Is an insurance company disputing liability?
  • Have you experienced significant wage losses due to a crash?
  • Did you know that personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients typically do not have to pay out of pocket expenses, or fees unless their case is won?

Amy Witherite of Witherite Law Group, states, “If you have incurred medical bills and other debt, or were left unable to work because of your accident, an attorney can help you with recovering any losses you may be entitled to in accordance with personal injury law.” She adds further, “Texas law allows for the pursuit of financial recovery in cases where a driver has been negligent and caused harm to others as a result.” This type of negligence may take the form of reckless driving in any capacity. When insurance companies dispute liability for the negligence of their insured and resulting damages caused to innocent victims, hiring a car accident lawyer is sometimes the only effective option available for obtaining fair compensation. For those who worry about the expense of legal fees being added to their mountain of burdening debt, it is good to know that no upfront fees are typically required in these cases.

The Dallas personal injury lawyers of Witherite Law Group are available to help individuals who have been injured in a Dallas car wreck understand what legal options are available in their time of crisis. Moving forward in many cases doesn’t feel like a possibility when dealing with massive debt and other life challenges that have been imposed upon one by someone else’s negligence. Individuals who have questions about getting legal help for a Dallas car wreck claim can call 1-800-CarWreck® to speak with someone directly today.