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What Are The Characteristics of a Safe Driver?

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Many Dallas drivers view their driving habits as safe, but would be surprised to know that they may fall into the category of the percentage of motorists who statistics show would not be qualified to receive a driver’s license if they were to take the written test today. GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test data has shown in recent years that millions of Americans would see far different results on their driving test scores today than they did when they previously tested to be a licensed driver. Understanding the characteristics of a safe driver can help enlighten individuals about where there may be room for improvement in their own driving habits, and lead to better driving decisions that could potentially be life saving.

In addition to not engaging in behaviors that are distracting, safe drivers train their instincts so that they can make better decisions while on the road. Of the numerous Dallas car accidents that occur each year, a significant portion can attributed to errors made by drivers who make bad judgment calls and fail to drive defensively. Safe drivers don’t just learn road signs and driving rules to simply pass a test, but more importantly apply their knowledge to develop their safe driving instincts.

Safe drivers also do not react aggressively if another driver makes a bad decision that nearly results in an accident, fails to drive at a higher speed while in front of them, fails to signal, or showcases unsafe driving behavior of their own. The proper protocol for handling these types of situations never involves road rage. If one does feel that a driver is behaving in a way that places themselves or others at risk of being hurt, calling for police assistance is the best option.

The car accident lawyers of 1-800-Car-Wreck encourages individuals to visit and browse their website to learn more about safe driving habits and what to do in the event that they become involved in an accident. The law firm of Eberstein & Witherite welcomes those who have been injured in an accident to contact them today for more information about their legal rights regarding compensation for damages.

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