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Leading Truck Wreck Lawyer Goes Live In Atlanta To Help Truck Accident Victims

By July 27, 2016Featured, Other News

V-103 teams up with Dallas accident lawyer Amy Witherite from Eberstein & Witherite, LLP to tell Atlanta they have someone in their corner when involved in a truck wreck.

The “Frank Ski” show, on air since 1985, has been a long time favorite in Atlanta. Ski is lovingly referred to as “The Rainmaker of Urban Radio” and it is easy to see why. With his engaging voice, Ski has been able to captivate his listening audience and increase ratings. While not on-air he has an impressive list of hobbies and titles that keep him busy. He is a philanthropist, motivational speaker, journalist, producer and all around devoted father. His love for children extends beyond his own as he is the chairman and co-founder of the Frank Ski Kids Foundation in which he commits to investing in children through outreach and motivational programs.

Ski’s passion for connecting with the community made him a perfect match for accident lawyer Amy Witherite. Witherite is widely known for her outreach to the community and the heart she has for giving back. One of her many notable outreaches includes Eberstein Witherite’s “Making a Difference” scholarship fund, in which she awards several $1000.00 scholarships to students who are committed to making a difference in their communities and at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School.

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